Why Are Proctored Practice Tests So Important?

Why are Proctored Practice Tests so important?

They are a key factor in our student’s success. We recently spoke with a few of our top tutors to get their views on how practice tests help our students succeed. Here is what we found:

1. Proctored Practice Tests offer a baseline score from which tutors can create a customized, efficient study plan.

The score reports these tests generate help tutors understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses. “We can see patterns in the diagnostic that tell us areas where our students need to improve and areas where they already have a solid grasp over the test content and strategy,” one of our tutors explained. With this knowledge in hand, our tutors are able to create a more effective plan by focusing on areas of improvement that will raise a student’s score, rather than going over material the student already knows.

2. Proctored Practice Tests test more than content and strategy. “Often times during tutoring sessions students understand the theories very well, but what the proctored practice test offers them is the chance to try out their ‘test-taking skills’ under real conditions,” our tutor said.

Proctored Practice Tests at Academic Achievers simulate these ‘real’ conditions so that students can build up their test-taking skills. These tests are offered during the same hours as the actual tests, held in a room with other students and a proctor, and structured with the exact same time limits and breaks as the real test. Our tutor explains that this is all very important because, “while students may understand the content really well, proctored practice tests test their ability to apply that knowledge. Solving a math problem at home with a tutor is very different from solving it under time pressure, with mental fatigue, while the kid in front of them taps his pencil on the desk.” Proctored Practice Tests help students build up their endurance and tolerance for these kinds of real-life test conditions.

3. Proctored Practice Tests gauge progress. “Ideally we like to get a practice test in before the program to get a baseline score so we can make the program as efficient as possible, then again during the middle of the program for a check-in, and finally again at the end for a full dress rehearsal,” our tutor said. This approach helps tutors to be efficient and focused and adapt to their students’ needs throughout the program. Proctored Practice Tests also give students the chance to test what they have learned. “You need to practice like you play,” our tutor said, “the best way to build up our students’ stamina, focus and confidence is to simulate the conditions they will encounter during the real test. This is one of the most valuable aspects to proctored practice tests.”

–from Summit Education 2013

About Janis Adams

CEO/Founder, Academic Achievers Inc.
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