Tips for Back-to-School


1. Get Organized
Make sure your child has all their school supplies and a place to work. Color coded file folders are extremely important for filing returned papers for later review. Set it up now and it will be easier to keep track of everything as the homework gets returned.

2. Start a Night-Time Routine
It’s not too early to start a night time routine. Perhaps no television Mondays through Thursday nights? Limited texting after school? 20 minutes of reading before bed? Decide on the routine, start now and stick to it.

3. Talk About What to Expect
Whether your child is entering kindergarten or their senior year, there will be changes. For the younger children talk about how to make and keep a friend. If there is a school change, talk about their expectations. For the older students talk about extracurriculars, after-school sports, schedules and time management.

4. Get Involved
Yes, you. Studies show there is a direct correlation as to how involved the parents are in the school and how well the children do. Whether it’s weekly involvement or the occasional field trip, get involved and stay with it.

About Janis Adams

Owner, Academic Achievers
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