Tips for Back to School

Tomorrow is Labor Day and as we head back to school, let’s review some tried and true measures to help secure academic success this year. Let’s have a system!

Academic Achievers’ Study Skills Tips

• Have a specific place to work: School is your job, so you will need an organized place to go.

• Calendaring system: assignment due dates, exam dates, extracurricular commitments

• Organization: binder with tabs, spiral notebooks for notes, 2 sets of books for home & school, system for filing handouts and returned tests

• Communication: be familiar with school website, have a buddy in each class in case you missed

• Get into a routine: review what was presented in each class, do the assignment, read ahead

• Stay on track: It’s so much easier to keep up right from the beginning than it is to try to play catch-up as the semester moves on.

• If the class is going to be difficult, plan ahead and have someone who really knows the material ready to help.  Waiting to get help only allows you to fall further behind.

Good Luck and Have a Great Year!560_Nov._

About Janis Adams

CEO/Founder, Academic Achievers Inc.
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