SAT or ACT? Depends…Are you a Junior or a Senior?

It Depends…
Are you a Junior or a Sophomore?

34945b15-9c5d-4878-9463-832f0dce1a11 If you are a sophomore preparing to take the test next fall, the answer is easy: Start prepping for the ACT.

When the new SAT is unveiled next spring, it will be virtually in beta mode.  Your score is too important to risk on a new, experimental test.

Our advice? Study for the well-established ACT primarily, and begin taking the test in the late fall/winter 2015/16.

If you are a junior taking the test in June, you have two established tests to choose from. You can choose either the SAT or the ACT — Your retake in the fall will still be the old format.

We recommend taking both tests to see which one you score the highest on, and then hone in on that one if you choose to retake the test after your initial scores.

Many students need to take these tests a few times to score their best, particularly if they have not extensively prepared for them.

In general, SAT: supports strong vocabulary and reading skills.
ACT: speed, stronger math and science skills.

But there are many exceptions to this rule and the best way to determine the right test for you is to take them both.

Academic Achievers is happy to give you a free practice test any time.
Call us and book one.

About Janis Adams

CEO/Founder, Academic Achievers Inc.
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