Is Your Child Ready for Back to School?

On average, students who don’t engage in summer learning lose the equivalent of two months’ worth of grade-level math and reading skills, according to the National Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University. “What I worry about a lot is summer reading loss,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently commented in Education Daily. You get kids to a certain point in June, and when they come back in September, they’re further behind than when they left you three months ago.”

Other ways kids lose ground over the break:

  • Students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do at the beginning.
  • Most tend to fall behind in math and spelling because they have fewer opportunities to practice these skills while on break.
  • Teachers spend an average of four to eight weeks every fall reviewing material students have forgotten over the summer.
  • Kids tend to gain more weight when they are out of school — particularly those who are at high risk of obesity and spend a lot of time playing video games or watching TV.

Academic Achievers is offering a variety of preview/review workshops to get your child up to speed for  reentry into the school year.

Call for more information on the August Academic Refresh Workshops (310) 883-5810


About Janis Adams

CEO/Founder, Academic Achievers Inc.
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