The ACT or the New SAT?

The new SAT will be offered starting March 5. What are the changes and which test should you prepare for? The new SAT or the ACT? What are the differences?

In the past few years, more students took the ACT than the SAT because students were more comfortable with the timing and the scope of the ACTTest Prep eBlast. None of those archaic SAT vocabulary words!

Now the New SAT has been redesigned to be more like the ACT.

Just like the ACT, there is now no penalty for guessing on the SAT, the writing section is optional, and there are 4 choices of answers instead of 5. The new SAT will score between 400-1600, and the ACT will continue to score 1-36.

How do the ACT and the new SAT differ?

The new SAT reading section is more analytical and requires the student to site evidence from the passage to support the answer. The questions are more in-depth, allowing 1 minute and 25 seconds for each question.

The ACT reading section questions are more straight forward. The pace is quicker and allots 52 seconds for each question.

The new SAT reading passages will emphasize US historical documents, social studies, and science.

The ACT will continue to have fiction passages along with humanities, social studies and science.

The new SAT reading section will emphasis style a bit more than the ACT which will continue to emphasize usage and grammar.

The new SAT math section will go more in depth in fewer areas with a strong emphasis in algebra.

The ACT math section will continue to offer a wide variety of math questions and may include things like trigonometry functions and matrices.

The new SAT will require a solid understanding of math fundamentals as one third of the math section is done without a calculator.

The ACT will tilt a little more heavily towards geometry and trigonometry, and continue with its rapid pace of a problem a minute.

The SAT essay will not be interested in your opinion and asks only for an analysis of the opinion of the author of the supplied essay.

The ACT essay does want your opinion as you evaluate 3 perspectives and then offer your perspective complete with your own examples.

Which way to go? The ACT or the new SAT?
We believe it is wise to take a practice test of both tests and see how you do. Either way, Academic Achievers is prepared to help you make an intelligent decision and do your best on whichever test you choose.

About Janis Adams

CEO/Founder, Academic Achievers Inc.
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