Private Schools Road to Ivy Leagues

While it is true that fewer than 9% of applicants were accepted into an Ivy League school last year, some high schools sent over 46% of their students to an Ivy, Stanford or MIT.

According to CBS Market Watch, “The path to the Ivy League is most successfully traveled through exclusive private schools. Of the 100 U.S. high schools sending the highest percentage of students to Harvard, Yale and Princeton, 94 of them are private schools.

Counselors say the Ivy League draws heavily from top-notch private high schools because most of their students had to beat out their peers academically to gain admission at that level.” In other words, they already know your child is academically competitive.

Of course, the first hurdle to the Ivys or any top tier school is gaining admission to one of the highly competitive Los Angeles private schools. Since the gatekeeper to admission is often your child’s ISEE score, let us help your child do his or her best!

About Janis Adams

CEO/Founder, Academic Achievers Inc.
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