The New SAT is Gaining Ground for Test Takers

The new SAT made its appearance a year ago in March. Although all the data isn’t in yet, the new SAT seems to be gaining in appeal for many new test-takers.girl writing essay

In the past few years, more students took the ACT than the SAT because students seemed to be more comfortable with scope of the ACT, but now many students who are particularly adverse to graphs and science, are swinging back and preparing for the SAT. But there are many students who are more comfortable with the tried and true ACT. Which one for you?

Just like the ACT, the SAT has no penalty for guessing, the writing section is optional, and there are 4 choices of answers to each question. The SAT scores between 400-1600, and the ACT scores 1-36.

The SAT reading section is more analytical and requires the student to site evidence from the passage to support the answer. Questions are evidence and context-based in an effort to focus on real-world situations and multi-step problem-solving.
The ACT reading section questions are more straight forward. The pace is quicker and averages 52 seconds for each question.
The SAT math section requires a solid understanding of math fundamentals as one third of the math section is done without a calculator. It also tests linear equations, inequalities, functions, and graphs.
The ACT math is Pre-Algebra (20-25%), Elementary Algebra (15-20%), Intermediate Algebra (15-20%), Coordinate Geometry (15-20%), Plane Geometry (20-25%), and Trigonometry (5-10%)
The SAT questions increase in difficulty level as you move through that question type in a section.
The ACT questions are more random in difficulty.
The SAT essay asks for an analysis of the opinion of the author of the supplied essay.
The ACT essay wants the student to evaluate 3 perspectives and then offer their own complete with examples.

Which way to go? The ACT or the SAT?
Take a Diagnostic Assessment with us and let us help you decide.

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