An Alternative: Academic Achievers Academy

In a perfect world, you send your child off to school and they return smiling, stimulated, curious, and capable. Because school is their job and they feel confident, accepted, and passionate about the work they are doing. As a parent, you trust that the environment is safe, that your child is treated kindly, and that real, innovative learning is taking place. You trust that your child is building the life skills that support a healthy social and emotional development process. You trust that even within a large group of children, your child will be taken care of, challenged, supported, and appreciated.

In a perfect world, this is our public school system, where every child has equal access to the best possible education, with every possible resource within a caring and safe community. In a less than perfect world, this is our private school system, with more resources, higher teacher to student ratios, and a more individualized curriculum.

But what happens when even a private education is not right for your child? What happens when children are bullied in school and are in danger every day they attend? What happens when your child has to miss too many days due to illness, travel or other extenuating circumstances. What happens if your child is highly gifted, but can’t be placed in a classroom with children 4-5 years above their age? What happens when the schools cannot or will not accommodate your child’s needs? What happens when your child hates going to school and their learning is greatly impacted?

In a perfect world, your child would have an individualized education: one-to-one tutelage with a master teacher/mentor.  No two children are the same, so why would the same education be right for every child?  The mass-market approach to education may not be the most productive learning environment for your student. Academic Achievers Academy is creating a unique option. A homeschool facility where each student’s curriculum is custom created to their specific interests and pace.

A homeschool facility may not be for everyone. But you’ll know if it’s right for your child.

About Janis Adams

CEO/Founder, Academic Achievers Inc.
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