Do Your Child’s ISEE or SSAT Scores Really Matter?


The results of a standardized admissions test indicate to the school what your child knows and doesn’t know academically. Essentially, it would serve no purpose to accept your child only to have her flounder academically. You would be unhappy. Your child would be miserable. The school also would be in the difficult position of not being able to deliver the kind of academic results it is capable of achieving. To avoid this losing situation, most private schools will insist on all applicants taking a standardized admissions test.

 “The most important advice any teacher will give your child is to start well in advance – like a year or so – assessing her strengths and weaknesses. Then remediate those weaknesses.”

After that, have her take as many practice tests as she can before the test date. If she has never taken a standardized admissions test and has no clue what’s expected of her, how can she possibly relax and do her best? 

Understand how the admissions tests work early on in the school search process. Do not leave test preparation until the last minute. Six to eight months before the test date is not too early to start. That will allow you time to fix any gaps in your child’s knowledge and skill base. Then, all that will be left is to practice, practice, practice.

–“The Private School Review”
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